Sep 27, 2014

Exciting times for me. Got my graphic novel Jackpot Bloom snowballing. Got my Fiverr gigs bringing in some kind of income. Needs to get bigger and better.

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You mind if I - zip this up? -Joe Cox, from Robocop
Jackpot Bloom Comic Book Official Completion Status Bar
Jackpot Bloom logo

Jackpot Bloom Comic Book

Completion Status



  • Draw line art for 113 pages
  • Draw 4 of 4 chapter art
  • Color 113 pages of line art
  • Finalize logo
  • Finalize layout
  • Package and deliver
Last updated Oct 16, 2014.

Batman vs Superman Spoilers News Rumors

The highly-anticipated sequel to Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" will have Superman battling Batman! Actor Henry Cavill returns as the Man of Steel. He will be facing off against a new costumed vigilante called Batman, played by actor Ben Affleck. Isreali supermodel Gal Gadot is also set to play Wonder Woman. What is Earth ready for when these titans come to play among mere mortals? Read more...
October 22, 2014

Eating Cat Meat!!!

October 18, 2014

Dark Wolf from animated film ‘Fire and Ice’

Dark Wolf from "Fire And Ice"

Dark Wolf from “Fire And Ice”

Why does Ralph Bakshi’s “Fire and Ice” (1983) suck so much? If it wasn’t for the awesome traced animation and Franzetta art-style, and Dark Wolf, I wouldn’t be interested. I got duped by the art.

But, man, Dark Wolf is one cool cat, er, wolf, character. It makes me wonder if he’s based on Tonto, and obviously not Batman, because I don’t know what archetype in Pop Culture would have been so popular at the time. It couldn’t be Ultimate Warrior? Anyway, very cool character. Needed tribute.

October 16, 2014

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) Blu-ray Review

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)
Blu-ray Review

Directed By Francis Ford Coppola

Starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins

Review By Chongchen Saelee

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Blu-ray Screen Capture

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) Blu-ray Screen Capture – Gary Oldman plays the tortured soul Dracula.

It’s that time of year, folks. Halloween is upon us. And it’s my favorite holiday. When Halloween rolls around, I like to enjoy this version Dracula and A Nightmare Before Christmas, among some other select horror movies. There’s just something special about this version of Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It’s a throwback to the old school Dracula movies before it, but it’s also very stylish and unique. Read more …

October 15, 2014

Jackpot Bloom Final Color Teaser

Jackpot Bloom Final Color Tease

Jackpot Bloom Final Color Tease

October 12, 2014

Edward Snowden Statue Secret Exposed!!!

Edward Snowden Statue Secret Exposed!!!

Edward Snowden Statue Secret Exposed!!!

There ain’t no hearts in the eyes of this Michaelangelo’s David!!! Beware!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. No feathers up the butt of this one, wouldn’t want to animate it. Goatse!!!

October 11, 2014

New Bow Tie Preview

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