Jun 05, 2014

Custom drawings, in my style, for ONLY $5!!! Check out my deal at http://www.fiverr.com/eastfist/draw-a-comic-panel-in-my-style for more details.

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  • Draw line art for 113 of 113 pages
  • Draw 4 of 4 chapter art
  • Color 53 of 113 pages of line art
  • Finalize logo
  • Finalize layout
  • Package and deliver
Last updated Sept 22, 2014.

Batman vs Superman Spoilers News Rumors

The highly-anticipated sequel to Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" will have Superman battling Batman! Actor Henry Cavill returns as the Man of Steel. He will be facing off against a new costumed vigilante called Batman, played by actor Ben Affleck. Isreali supermodel Gal Gadot is also set to play Wonder Woman. What is Earth ready for when these titans come to play among mere mortals? Read more...
September 22, 2014

Wanted: Alice and the Wasp by Ralph Steadman


So want. Anyone have USD$60 (£34) or want to buy it for me? Or maybe I’ll ask Johnny Depp to buy it for me, he always seem to be hanging around these guys.

Alice and the Wasp by Ralph Steadman

September 21, 2014

Just $5 For Random Drawing In My Style


Here’s your chance, folks! Order something random from me before I become rich and famous! It’ll be fun!

September 20, 2014

Luddite Writes Article Tooting Horn of Kid Genius Outsmarting NSA


If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when my privacy is invaded. But there’s something else I hate: hypocrisy.

According to this Wired article, a middle school drop-out has “outsmarted” the NSA’s surveillance of chats and emails. To mention that he dropped out of middle school at the age of 13 implies that he’s somekind of genius and not some spoiled rich kid who had a big advantage in life. I’m sure he’s lacking in social skills and other stuff. He actually started writing his program when he was 18, he is now 22. I hate this stereotype of young teenagers being smart at technology. It’s technology industry’s propaganda to get young kids to become their slaves. Much like how Doogie Howser tricked kids to become doctors who eventually went on to star in Broadway plays. Go figure.

But he’s basing his software on an existing IP masking software called TOR. Which has been proven to be breakable.

I’m not too savvy on that shit, but I’m not a complete luddite either.

As long as you can follow that transmission, you will be able to find out where it’s coming from. Who cares if you change the binary data. That shit still has to go through a line or airspace. And when it does, it can be intercepted.

I’m just trying to be practical about it.

1. Consider that your rights and privacy are completely compromised.

2. You can be stupid and TOR all your communications and encrypt all your emails and all that shit, but that’s just not practical.

3. Just go about your day and keep doing what you’re doing. Those losers at the NSA, CIA, FBI, police, etc., can continue to harass and abuse you, but like many bullies, if you ignore them, they’ll soon disappear.

But unless you can really make the shit hit the fan and expose which federal scum are harassing you, completely out or blow their covers and make them lose their jobs, then don’t bother engaging them. Karma has a way of bringing justice.

If anything, America will fall because of these federal agents’ stupidity. You can trust me on that.

The Art of Jackpot Bloom

Art of Jackpot Bloom By Chongchen Saelee

Art of Jackpot Bloom By Chongchen Saelee

Wanted to try some different styles see what might be appealing for random viewers.

September 19, 2014

Church of Batman: Filmmaker Terry Gilliam Elaborates on the Future of Cults and Religions

OMG. Terry Gilliam is a smart man. Just like what CIA is doing with Batman, can you imagine what the Romans did with Jesus? Man… Too many sheeple.

Jackpot Bloom Kickstarter Is Up Please Show Your Support


I think this graphic novel is going to be a huge hit with your kids. Please show your support if you can. Thanks.

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