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Nov 26, 2013
New Agent S and Agent Blue Digital Drawings
Agent Blue Attacks!

Agent Blue Attacks!

Agent S power grip

Agent S power grip

Jul 9, 2013
Agent S: The Big Brawl – New Concept Art!

It’s looking all Marvels-like. Holla! (more…)

Dec 9, 2012
The Blue Man: An Agent S Short Story

No one knew who the blue man was, but his eyes were as dead as they were sharp, a pair of blue stars floating in the high grass. (more…)

Aug 29, 2012
How to Draw Agent Blue

Why do the villains have to look cooler than the hero? (more…)

Jun 14, 2012
Agent S vs Agent Blue: 2050 Get Ready To Rumble

Principal cast of bad-assery. (more…)

Dec 19, 2011
Agent S comics: The Faceless Enemy

Agent Blue picks his fight. (more…)

Sep 4, 2011
Agent Blue: Power Suit

The design for the main villain continues… (more…)

Jun 23, 2011
Agent S: Defining distinctive archetypes

And, here we go… (more…)