2 Responses to “Adobe After Effects 3D Text Rotate Around 3D Sphere Demo”

  1. DrClue says:

    You know , it’s only about 40 lines HTML/CSS combined to make a real 3D sphere. Just use the CSS triangles trick and pseudo selectors to create the two shapes hexagon and pentagon. (Think soccer ball).
    it only takes a single element to make each shape.

    By assembling the pieces in nested strips , about 6 lines of CSS will make them curl right up into a 3D sphere that can even be textured, translucent , and even respond properly to the lighting in a 3D space .

    Making that old universal studios text around the planet is a cakewalk once you get your soccer ball togeather

    • Sounds like it could be a fun side project. But care to demonstrate? Have a link of proof? I don’t think it’s too efficient to be working in HTML/CSS when it comes to motion graphics, let alone video compositing.