Batman vs Superman Script Leak!!!

By Chongchen Saelee

This was the rejected Batman vs. Superman script. It seems there might have been some creative differences between screenwriter David Goyer, film director Zack Snyder, and actor Ben Affleck who Warner Bros. is setting up to direct Justice League. So Affleck wanted more control, and WB is adamant to keep him around.

First third introduces you to modern-day Gotham City. It is a dump. Some black kids are trolling the empty streets looking for trouble. One of them has a wooden baseball bat and starts breaking parking meters. They don’t bother to loot it, there’s nowhere to spend the money anyway. Soon, after much fun and laughter, the boys retreat into an alleyway and slide down next to a dumpster to break out the booze and drugs.

And then…

HUGE SPOTLIGHTS FROM ABOVE as what seems to be a car-sized drone in the shape of a bat hovering over them. The speaker comes on and a robotic voice orders the boys to move along or be dealt with.

The boys don’t budge. They throw their glass bottles and garbage at the bat drone. Eventually, one of the boys draws a gun and starts firing at the bat drone. The bat drone bursts its spotlights onto the gang and starts to descend. The air pressure blows newspapers and loose garbage away underneath it.

Small vents open on the sides of the bat drone and hisses out black smoke. Slowly the black smoke gathers and flows to the ground level into a humanoid mass. The black smoke man glides towards the youth. One of them swings a bat savagely, only to go through the smoke man. The black smoke wraps around the youth like a python, tightening his arms to his side, making him drop his bat, while picking him off the ground. The boy screams for his friends to help.

The other boys watch in horror. The one with the gun aims it, but the other boys say he’ll shoot their friend. The boy lowers his gun in terror.

The black smoke extrudes tentacles from its ghostly mass after the other boys. The other boys scatter leaving their homie in the black smoke’s grip. The lone boy starts screaming in fear.

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