Comic Book Art: Incredible Hulk By Gary Frank

Howdy ho, here are some scans of my “The Incredible Hulk” comic book, issue January #413. It features the art of Gary Frank, which I find quite nice, although the layout is not very dynamic and kinda boring. I mean look at the cover. The cover doesn’t really draw your attention, so you wouldn’t even know how awesome the artwork inside the book is. But, oh well, here are some pages:

Artwork is used here under Fair Use Law.

What I Like

  • Beautiful flowing lines. Masterful demonstration of pencils by Gary Frank and inking by Cam Smith. On a technical level, very nice.
  • Men look like men and women look like women, at least in an idealized athletic way. I suppose this could have only been accomplished by using reference models/photos. Usually, most comic book artists can only ever draw women and children looking like men with boobs or tiny men.

What I DON’T Like

  • Bland non-dynamic layout
  • Robotic poses. Good example is look at the angry screaming dark-haired lady. Doesn’t look natural or dynamic at all, but ironically drawn really well.

Gary Frank’s drawing style is kinda mechanical and best suited for maybe more serious tone comic books. It’s similar to Dave Gibbons art style, best known for his work on “Watchmen”. If you were a comic book editor/art director, I suppose this mechanical style of art is good for drawing Hulk musculature accurately, but maybe hire someone to do the layouts more dynamically. Because Hulk doesn’t look like he can move that fast here. LOL

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