Evolution: My Interpretation

All you have to do is observe your surroundings and the answer is right there. Right in front of you.

The proverbial “big bang” happened. And the Earth came to be… by mistake or by chance or by pure randomness. As soon as the Earth formed, it was a pure element that began to divide exponentially. It eventually became a giant ball of water.

The core of the Earth is where newer elements were forming at fast speeds. Eventually, life would crawl out from the center of the Earth. Their semblance wasn’t much of anything. They looked “alien” to us now. But like roaches scattering from an open garbage can, these early creatures scoured their new home for their piece of the pie.

And with this, there was also environment developing. All under water. The early creatures found they could last longer against predators if they hid in some of these environments: rocks, trees, mountains, etc. And those that lived, grew bigger and stronger. If they needed to adapt to the still developing environment, they would change physically. Eventually, certain creatures inhabited only certain types of environment, and they ruled those areas.

The Earth continues to compress into newer elements and compounds. The giant water balloon begins to compress, or “drain” into the core. The plantation that grew from the core have now sprouted out beyond the underwater realm. Those that manage to survive this Great Drain/Drout become birds. Because those birds would have been able to live from treetop to treetop while the world was still covered in water. This would explain why ducks mate the way they do: launching and receiving each other’s genitalia from a distance, and on the go, as though they were constantly being hunted by predators.

Apes and primates would come next out of the big blue, as they were chasing after the delicious birds. Their fur developed because they didn’t have a need to evolve into feathers living on land. The bigger primates and apes dominated the ground level, so much so that the smaller ones retreated into the canopies of the higher trees. Otherwise, if you can imagine, it’s like a bathtub draining it’s water, and the hair gets caught on the branches sticking out of the drain. Those clumps of hair or lifeform become birds and other primates/apes. This would have to happen over a very long long time. That is why the sloth and koalas look like something in-between.

So anything else still a water-dweller will resemble what our ancestors looked like.

And how did humans come to be? I imagine it’s starts with a group of very intelligent primates. These primates didn’t just stay in one place and get wiped out. They moved all over. And this monkeys developed language and culture and communities. They learned to survive.

Whitey came to be because they hid in the snowy mountains and in the caves. Much like HG Wells metaphor for morlocks, I think it’s safe to assume that is why they lack pigment in their skin and hair. Their eyes are blue from staring at the waterworld or sky.

Asians came to be because they remained on land, but in the woods or caves. That is why their skin isn’t that dark, but also not too light. Their eyes are small because they must not have needed them, much like naked mole rats, so I assume they spent a lot of time in the dark, which was why I assume they were cave dwellers.

Blacks came to be because they remained out open in the sun. They picked up the most pigment in their skin. And “normal” blacks aren’t tall. That’s just American blacks who have been bred that way through slavery.

So the reason we can cross-breed with other ethnicities is imagine the Pangaea thing. Slowly over time, as the world expands and splits us up, dividing us, naturally we’ll all start to develop into different looking creatures. But are the same nonetheless.

Now, I take the idea of expansion and division and I run with it. Where are we going next?

Well, if you except that we are all “star stuff” like Sagan says, then we won’t stay human forever. Or at least, what we consider human. If you imagine our bodies much like any atom, unstable and volatile, then there is always a chance we could mutate into something else entirely. That would explain why we get cancers, tumors, disease. It’s the natural chaos of existense. We fight to stay human. Because maybe, one day, we just wake up and our skin is metal or everyone grows to 12 feet tall like somekind of practical elephantism. Every human being is an exploding star waiting to happen.

And UFO’s? Well, UFOs would be the descendants of whitey. If Whitey takes over the world, it wouldn’t be that they carry along their size with them. They’d be full-out equipped with their flying machines, just like the Jetsons. The “rich and powerful” alien-looking descendants will fly about in their machines because their fragile bodies wouldn’t be able to defend themselves, while the darker skin “bigger” cousins did all the heavy lifting and work. Hell, black and brown brothers might even devolve into more beastlike creatures like oxen or cows. And if things were desperate enough, Whitey alien descendants would eat their brown bros too.

And when the technology gets advanced enough, Whitey aliens will transcend into digital form, living in the digital stream. Pretty much upload themselves into a vast intergalactic Internet server farm. By then, brown bros would probably have died off or become full animals again.

What’s beyond full AI or full digital copy? That, I don’t know.


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