Feeling Sorry for Robin Thicke

I feel sorry for Robin Thicke. Must be because of actual blurred lines he’s singing about.

By Chongchen Saelee

Son of oldie TV show “Growing Pains” star Alan Thicke, Robin Thicke seems to have been waiting patiently in the sidelines while America only has room for one boy Pop idol at a time. Up until now, Justin Timberlake has had a very successful solo career since his boy band N*Sync disbanded. And the very other popular Justin, cherub-faced Justin Bieber, seems to be growing into the mold as long as the publicists are trying to make him into the new freakshow that was Michael Jackson. So what’s Robin Thicke, a relative nobody, but son of a somewhat popular TV dad suppose to do to get his 15 minutes of fame?

Ride the coat tails of two hot black entertainers and use some hot naked women.

I’m not hip with it, but I already know a little about hip black entertainers TI and Pharell. They earned their sex appeal and show business clout on their own. It’s called “street cred”. But because Robin Thicke is perceived as not being from “the hood” is why he’s got to try so hard to appeal to that same demographic that lifted TI and Pharell onto their shoulders. So I’m assuming he had to use Daddy Thicke’s money to hire TI and Pharell, along with a bunch of hotties, to try to entice the same demographic. And ironically, the timing comes with Justin Timberlake’s own buzzkill, as he pushed past the age of 30, of which Robin Thicke is himself.

That’s a tough gig.

Thicke is using the hot, naked women to appeal to young men. And he’s only got his looks, family name, and TI and Pharell to appeal to the young women. The question is, did his marketing strategist make a good call? Does it come off as too desperate?

I have listened to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, featuring TI and Pharell, and I admit it does sound catchy. But Thicke’s own stage presence comes off as incredibly generic. Which would explain why he hasn’t been able to capture the attention of crazy fans on his own. Which is why I think he’s being too desperate.

And that is why I feel sorry for Robin Thicke.

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2 Responses to “Feeling Sorry for Robin Thicke”

  1. jojo says:

    this is just lazy. Google the man and you will see he has been around fot a ling time. Writing credits for Monica for example.
    if you are going to write a critical piece, at least do your homework.
    this makes you look silly.