George Michael: The Ultimate Man

No, no, no, I got a point. You gotta have faith.

1. Observe (with as much objectivity as possible, and as little snickering as possible):

2. Now ask yourself: Why can’t Batman Forever live up to that music video? What the hell, Joel?

3. I know this Batman can:

4. Observe, nextly, Hugh Jackman, America’s standard for all the young (white) boys of what a man is suppose to be:

5. And, yet, this is gay:

6. And, this is not:

And then…

Ooookay, kinda lost my point there (Gackt and his David Bowie-look-obsession). It’s still somewhere in there (looks don’t define a person, stereotypes are bad, Americans are ignorant, just be yourself, yada, yada, yada).

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