George Zimmerman is Stone-cold Murderer

It’s a story that needs to be examined. My take on it as a minority.

Florida’s got a really exploitable law in “Stand Your Ground”. Here’s a perfect example of a law that was meant to protect people when they are truly in danger, however, people who want to use it as an excuse to carry out their evil will always find a way.

From just my life experience interacting with the very poor, the very rich, blacks, whites, etc., I’ve come to learn what I think is the truth about human motivation. If you can’t make it on your own esteem, you have to cut down someone else to get a one up and win favor with the status quo. I believe George Zimmerman, in killing a black “gangster”, thought he was validating his place as a “white knight”.

And Trayvon Martin may not have been a model student, but that doesn’t make him less a child. I grew up in the ghetto. Drugs and violence surrounded the youth. It was the norm. The ones that actually did bad things were on the extreme ends. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t all thrown into the same pot. I had my first and last fight when I was just a boy when a bully approached me and started swinging. Needless to say, I beat the shit out of the guy, and that’s all it took for me to realize that I could. When you’re in the ghetto, you learn to defend yourself, otherwise you cower and you never leave that environment. It’s a horrible cage to endure, let alone figure out how to escape. Because there are forces that will keep you in the cage, physically and mentally.

I believe Zimmerman needed an excuse to be a hero. And he was only a neighborhood watchman. And he wasn’t even suppose to be carrying a weapon. And he was a racist. So he picked Martin out as his prey and provoked a situation so that he may justify killing the boy. And this is where the “stand your ground” law may actually do a great injustice.

By that law, if Martin was beating the shit out of Zimmerman, he would be justified in killing the boy. This is what makes this case so tragic. If the judges really go by this, then they would be letting a stone-cold murderer loose. Then who’s to say someone else won’t do the same thing, setting up, framing their next target, and justifying their first degree intentional homicide?

There’s something really wrong with this incident. And I hope the real truth comes out and justice is served.

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