Hardee’s Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger Review

Yes, I’ve finally spared no expense and spent $10 on this hamburger meal. See what I think about it.

Hardee's Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger

The sandwich comes in quarter pound or third pound. I ordered the third pound. First thing I want to note is the price. The total came to $9.28 cents for a medium sized meal. Medium sized meals in modern fast-food joints usually determines the size of the fries/side item and the drink. A Hardee’s medium is the equivalent of a large McDonald’s drink and medium fries. So Hardee’s gives you a BIG drink portion and that’s why I didn’t upgrade the meal size. So for nearly $10, what do I think about this new Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger?

It has the word Bourbon in it, but I sure didn’t taste any alcohol in it. And I’ve didn’t believe reviews that were already online stating how sweet it was. Trust me, this is a sugar burger. The sauce looks artificial as fuck and drips all over the place. The sauce looks even more artificial than that fake BBQ dipping sauce for chicken nuggets. And it’s so sugary, it literally makes your finger tips sticky. The flavor isn’t really unique. Again, it’s not tangy. But then again, it didn’t promise to be anything like BBQ. This is candied beef. I noticed some cheaply thin strips of bacon and other ingredients, but the sauce pretty much overpowered anything else in this sandwich. I’d hate to say it, but a quarter way through the burger, I was beginning to wish there was some mayo in there just to make it taste more like a traditional, greasy fast-food hamburger.

Presentation-wise, this local franchise Hardee’s wrapped me a beautiful sandwich. It never quite looks like the ads, but if the Hardee’s ad is a 10, then these guys wrapped a 7 or 8. Sometimes, presentation like that deserves it’s $10, which you rarely see. Doesn’t mean the workers get paid any more, but there should always be some integrity in the work.

Overall, I didn’t much like it. If you think I’m exaggerating about it being candy beef, you can definitely try it yourself. It’s not tangy fun like a McRib sandwich. The Hardee’s Jim Bourbon Thickburger is CANDY BEEF in a bad way. But if you like it like candy, by all means, help yourself. And the price isn’t justified in this case because of the recipe, not because of the showmanship. I’d at least would have loved a bottle of booze like how Burger King was attempting to justify a $10 meal with the word bourbon in it.

Grade: 3 out of 10

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