Living up to Stereotypes: Eating Larvets Fried Mealworm Snack Review (3 Flavors)

Posted on Friday, August 30th, 2013

As another part of my “Living Up To Stereotypes” series, I finally jumped on the “tough American baby swallows exotic food and shows tongue to camera” trend. Except, I won’t be filming it.

The 3 flavors of Larvet, fried mealworms: BBQ, Cheddar, and Mexican Spices

As far as looks go, Larvets still isn’t the most “pretty” snack. But I’ll give you my honest review of what they taste like.

First off, there is like ZERO nutritional value per pack. You get about a handful of fried mealworms seasoned with powder. The nutrition label itself says you get nothing out of it. If anything, they may be fun to eat because they are crispy and crunchy. They would make for good toppings like croutons on salads or something.

My favorite flavor is Mexican Spices. Cheddar smells and tastes like wax. BBQ seems like a milder Mexican spices. So I’m assuming plain fried mealworms wouldn’t taste much like anything other than the soybean oil it was cooked in. And even then, the oil doesn’t really taste much like anything.

I thought these would be bigger, as when you see them on Fear Factor or some shock show, they look bigger on a pizza or maybe that’s because the pizza is smaller.

Anyway, they would be fun to eat in a trail mix or something. They are perfect bite size, crispy and crunchy. They look scary. And they don’t really have any nutritional value. A pretzel or potato chip would be more nourishing if you had to choose. But it’s a fun gag snack.

Let me know your experience with Larvets or some other weird foods.

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