Lost TV series Major Spoiler + Final Episodes + Core Themes

Alright, let’s wrap this show up with a neat little bow. Here’s what I’ve posted at my ghost town forum:

Originally posted on April 6, 2010
I can guarantee any popular culture/media expert should be able to deduce the outcome of ABC’s Lost television show. In American media, there is a finite amount of storytelling techniques and structure. American media is American-centric, so never forget this. Therefore, the ending of Lost will meet ALL if not MOST of the following criteria to appease America consumers (even though the show is viewed world-wide):

  • Happy ending
  • American characters prevail (even those played by non-American actors), meaning most if not all minorities will be killed off if not already dead. The surviving Americans will mainly be white and male. There are rumors that the ending will be “internationally” satisfying, but I think the producers are full of crock.
  • Evil fails and is vanquished. Anyone who helps “evil” will fail and be vanquished, unless they “redeem” themselves either by sacrificing their life for the “good” or betraying “evil”.
  • Black ALWAYS signifies evil. White ALWAYS signifies good. That’s when there is a religious theme. If it is political, red is ALWAYS evil, and blue is ALWAYS good.
  • If the main theme of the main plot is romantic, then the male hero will “get the girl” in the end.
  • Divine intervention/deus ex machina – If all hope seems lost for the hero, something miraculous will save him and he will be able to complete his mission.

So without a further ado, here are my possible endings:

  1. Aliens
    The Losties were abducted by aliens and are in some sort of terrarium.
  2. Religious theme: purgatory/hell/afterlife/etc… Redemption
    The Losties are all dead, or going in and out of consciousness. They are all getting rescued and being treated in a hospital after the plane crash. Very Jacob’s Ladder-ish.
  3. Hokey sci-fi rationale: Bermuda Triangle
    If the main gimmick is that the plot is grounded and the Losties are in the Bermuda Triangle, the justification for all the fantastical happenings is because of some “hotspot” on our planet that just “is”. People get “lost” and are never found in the Bermuda Triangle.
  4. Half-religion, half-scientific: Good vs Evil/The Chosen complex
    “God” is playing a game with the “devil”. Jacob can either represent god, otherwise known as the archetype “good” and smokey is “bad”. Whatever their label/archetype, the basis of the main plot is about good vs. evil. Evil must be contained, and the Losties are the “chosen” successors of good. If the chosen fail, then “the fate of the world will come to an end”. Smokey could be a “lost” alien that crash-landed on earth and must be contained. Who knows?
  5. Psychological, scientific – Romeo and Juliet, forbidden love, evil father
    My own theory, not derived from spoiler forums: Desmond is strapped to a torturing device being tortured by Widmore. The entire show is in Desmond’s head. He’s trying to escape so he creates EVERY character to break free from the device. Smokey is something similar to Stephen King’s Langoliers, a monster that erases memories. Pretty much signifies evil. Widmore tortures Desmond because he doesn’t want him to marry Penny, wants to erase her from Desmond’s memories. But if you take that a step further, Widmore doesn’t want Desmond to marry Penny because Desmond is his son, making Penny Desmond’s half-sister… because, you know, Widmore is a high roller and sleeps around. The “rules” have to do with the simulation’s programming. Who knows, I’m just throwing this convolution out there.

Those are it for now. Mainly, any investigator can derive conclusions from the many spoiler forums out there. But I think the biggest clue is in the title, “Lost”. There are so many meanings:

  • Physically lost, because the Losties crashed somewhere, or alien crash-landed on earth, etc…
  • Mentally lost, every Lostie has internal conflicts (sin, guilt, envy, etc)
  • A game where someone will lose; gods playing a game, etc…

With that, planeteers, the power is yours!

Copyright © 2010 Chongchen Saelee

Originally posted on April 15, 2010

Been hitting those spoiler forums. Turns out, some “Losties” are hinting that the core story revolves around Widmore and Eloise. You see, the two of them are Adam and Eve. They are trying to remain immortal by jumping from body to body, time-traveling, and creating all sorts of hubbub. Jacob and “man in black” are their children.

There’s also rumor that the island can be explained by a four-letter mcguffin. Some theories are that the word is:

  • cork
  • loop
  • eden
  • lost
  • time

If the basic story of Adam and Eve was that they had a forbidden romance, then maybe Smokey is the devil. Adam and Eve are fighting the devil to be with each other because if the devil wins, Adam and Eve die and the devil is born. Something like that? Then the “apple” the devil entices the two horndogs with would be what type of mcguffin?

Originally posted on April 30, 2010

Here it is, the grand poobah:


In Ancient times, some people had discovered the key to immortality. There is a mystical force on this particular island (of course, being a red herring, it doesn’t need to be explained, it just is). On this island, these “pharoahs” or ancient beings can be reborn over and over, but they need fresh bodies (why they crash new people onto the island).

So the writers can loop the ending and just have the Losties wake up back on the island to repeat all the shows again, or they can have an epic scale ending that smites the “evil” island once and for all. I think the latter.

I think the gimmick of smokey was from Steven Sommer’s Mummy franchise. Instead, Lost’s writers try to make it sci-fi/supernatural by having somekind of energy-hole on Earth that people fall into to become smokey. Again, smokey could actually be in any form because the form is a red herring… not to be confused with archetypal bad guy.

Jack and Sawyer stay behind as the new protectors of the island, immortal. Desmond helps “download” all the Losties into the alternate timeline, the “epilogue”. Then, he himself leaves with his own free will.

Just my predictions. We’ll see in the next month or so.

Originally published on May 1, 2010
According to the most recent leaked spoilers, it seems like the writers are setting up ironic scenes, possibly trying to wrap up the show for good. For example, Kate will apparently be shot in the shoulder, leading me to believe that Jack will sew her up (or Neo her with his new superpowers), returning the favor for Kate stitching him up in the first season. Otherwise, if the writers do loop the story as an ending, Jack would be getting the same injuries that will repeat to season one again. Will this movie really be about fate vs. free will, pre-ordained destiny vs manifest destiny?

Originally publish on May 5, 2010

Aw, man, they killed Jin and Sayid. Two very likeable characters. Pooped.

Anyway, I think it’s coming together now. The ultimate moral of the story is that people are inherently good in nature. The white/black deities bring them onto the island to use them as pawns. Whatever they do determines their fate. In this instance, Jacob wants to prove to “John/Esau/MIB” that people are good. However, MIB’s role on the island is to prove that they are bad/evil. So that would mean these two are following some kind of decree from a higher being. Frankly, these two characters a macguffins and just represent “gods” or “god/satan”, but doesn’t have to be exactly god/satan.

So if the writers are existentialists, they’ll want to nail home the idea that people are good who don’t follow fate, or pre-ordained destiny. Those that believe too much in fate (MIB’s manipulative work) will ultimately pay the price and suffer. Those that believe in free will (Desmond, being the epitome of free will leaving and returning to the island whenver) will succeed and be happy.

I believe the two deity-mcguffins won’t be explained. They’re just the controlled variable in the “system” of the world, or rather uncontrolled. The Losties are not controlled and the results will vary. Maybe there won’t be a divine intervention as I’ve bulleted previously. The Losties are at the mercy of the gods or at the mercy of their own decisions and will. The gods represent the “uncontrollable, unpredictable” forces in the universe.

So maybe the 4 letter word is: live.

As in, “to live”. The Losties are too busy fighting “the system” that they don’t “live”, and therefore suffer the torment of MIB and manipulation of Jacob. Benard and Rose seem to have found peace living on the island, not a care in the world.

And when the Losties finally figure this out, the 4 letter word will be revealed as:


As in, “evil lost”. Jacob proved that people (represented in this timeline by the Losties) are good. So evil loses, good prevails. A younger, mightier whiteman saves the day. The evil, corrupted old whiteman would destroy it. The End.

May 14, 2010

The emotional, epic finale… Jacob’s ending: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY6k50qB4Ys

May 15, 2010

Wowee-wow-wow. I’ve been reading some of the latest spoilers and theories, and they’re getting good. Some new questions have arisen for me.

  • Is MIB really evil?
  • What is the main theme of the show?
  • In stories about humans, do humans always win?
  • Is there a god?
  • Is manifest destiny what’s best for humankind?

May 23, 2010

Alrighty, here we go. In about 7 hours, we Americanos get to watch the series finale of Lost. Since no one reads my blog, I might as well post the alleged spoilers accumulated so far:

Possible things you gone see:

Jack and his team retrieve Desmond and open up a warphole and fly the plane through it (which just looks like a hurricane). Some make it back to the island, some don’t.

Jack stays on the island and sinks the sumbitch, ending the cycle once and for all.

The alternate timeline gets wiped out because fLocke gets off the island. So the alt timeline is the one underwater, BUT the Losties finally end the cycle.

Again, to go along with “story-telling rules”, once fLocke gets defeated by Jack, then Aaron has to be born. Old man dies, so a young person can live.

Jack will do a Neo and fly like Superman, rippling the earth, swoops down to save Kate and Sawyer at the last millesecond as the island explodes in slow mo.

Twist that don’t make sense, or are worthless if true, Boone makes an appearence in the alt timeline as Lockes son. Why???

Jorge Garcia hinted on Jimmy Fallion that one of the islands is sunk, but didn’t specify which one. My guess is that it might not be the “magic” island, the “present” island that is sunk. Might be another twist and Jack sinks the alt timeline. Makes more sense because it brings closure to the original characters, although most of the are dead. Also, Desmond can jump between either ones so either island is expendable, he ends up with Penny.

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