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Sigh. It’s so hard to start up a project from nothing. It’s one thing to make a personal website which caters mainly to stroke one’s own ego, it’s another to create a product to draw others in. And the hope is that the product is good enough that strangers become customers and keep coming back. If the small niche that I’ve discovered on the Internet is thriving enough, I hope I can tap into it to make some revenue.

So far, I’m just trying to get a hang of it. Ultimately, I want to electrify my Frankenstein’s monster at I don’t think I could possibly compete with the likes of the top online modeling sites like,, but I hope I can come up with a site that is resourceful.

Once I get the framework up, I think I’ll start fishing for sponsors to by actual layout space. Google Ad Sense is doing something, but I’m not getting the traffic that I want. Main reason being I don’t have a service that people want. And even if I did, no one knows I exist. At the least, modelZILLA can be a service some Internet users are looking for. If I can help users make money, then I can make money in return. Not a lot (or nothing at all), but it will still be a good business exercise. first promo

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