Omegle is Frightening Online Community

By Chongchen Saelee

I just spent the last hour trolling Omegle, my god, it’s kinda exciting to see that the Internet is indeed live and well, however, it’s full of creepers.

Withing the first 10 seconds of signing in, I get an eye full frontal of a hairy-chested, fully nude but cropped off at the neck white dude jerking his dick off. SMDH.

And what follows is nothing but a bunch of shirtless white dudes reclining on beds or what they think they look like sexy Ambercrombie and Fitch cover models or something. Most of them are jerking their dicks out of frame. And some of these cats look like YouTube’s PewDiePie.

Not only are there creepers, there’s also a bunch of children on here, usually alone or look like they may have emotional issues or depressed or suicidal.

Then there are those kids that are trolling, wearing masks, playing music, just looking for attention in general.


-Feels more like “Channel Surfing” of yesteryear. Young people, channel surfing is what we did on “TVs” or televisions back in the day. You only had so many channels and you just flip through them looking for something that my catch your eye. Unlike nowadays, for example, on YouTube, where all the Channels are now represented by thumbnails on ONE SCREEN, back in the day, unless you had multiple TVs, you only get to preview a channel at a time. Omegle feels more spontaneous and real like that.
-Interaction with real people
-Free; You don’t have to register or anything, just log onto their website


-Perverts, pedophiles, underage children, FBI traps, etc
-Surrender control of your webcam and microphone to their app; Who knows how long they’ll have access to your devices, even after you leave their website?
-Best interaction is with high bandwidth and high quality video; Otherwise, if you only want to text, there are text-chat-only apps out there
-Creeps again

And I don’t know what the legality is of recording interaction on Omegle. I’ve read that people have screencaptured feeds to blackmail some or whatever.

Otherwise, if things were ideal, I feel as though Omegle should be a perfect way to transition into the new technological age. Back when you could make a phone call with shitty audio, it was a good feeling to have someone live on the other end. Now, you get to actually see who you’re talking to. And even type to clarify anything. The digital conferencing age but more responsive and diverse.

Maybe, even one day, you can order a pizza this way. Talk directly to the people.

It’s just a matter of how much technical privacy we want to give up for a little contact with another live person.

Omegle is about 70% out of 100%

Overall, very awesome concept. The only thing making it bad are the creepos.

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