Real Inception Based on Christopher Nolan’s Film

I show you how we do.

According to Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonah Hill, Inception is some kind of macguffin used in a gimmick film to steal or implant dreams into someone.

And in real life, we already know for a fact that the government is using a similar technology to read citizen’s minds. It’s a combination of high resolution satellite x-ray brain scans, heat sensing technology, psychological profiling, and the what not. But I have to emphasize the term “read-only”. They can read your mind, but they do not own it.

In order for the information they extract to be useful, there needs to be a matching pattern on their end. For example, if you saw the sky was blue, but on their databases the brain signal pattern for blue was a dark navy blue, then it might not match. Because what you consider blue is actually sky blue. So these Nazis have to constantly be profiling their citizens. And I’m sure it’s an automated process with computers doing it 24-7.

Now, if you want to talk about it in a military sense, where they weaponize this so-called “Inception”, where they are able to successfully implant a thought or idea or dream into someone’s head and make them think it was their own, that’s just hocus pocus. We already know that people who do things, BAD THINGS, are already contemplating it. That’s how the CIA recruits informants and spies. They take natural enemies who already have a grudge and pit them against one another for the CIA’s own purposes. And if those sycophants wipe themselves out, that’s just a plus. So it’s not that the CIA “implanted” anything into their lapdog’s minds, it’s that the lapdogs already were going to do those things, and that the CIA is manipulating (or taking advantage) of those weak-minded fools.

In Nolan’s film, Inception, the main protagonist Cobb (played by Leonardo Dicaprio), is tasked by Japanese big shot Saito (played by Ken Watanabe) with implanting an idea into Fischer (played by Cillian Murphy), a young businessman who is set to inherit his dying father’s mega corporation, to not take over the company but rather compromise their monopoly so that Saito can take over that industry. As the film plays through, Cobb implants a false memory (through many layers of complex dreams) that Fischer’s father would have wanted him to go his own way.

See, in reality, I assume the government could read the animosity of Fischer against his father, but if Fischer didn’t want to take over the company anyway, then to say that they “made him” drop the inheritance, that’s absurd. If there’s one thing the CIA likes to brag about, it’s how well they brainwash their “assassins”. It comes straight out of the film The Naked Gun.

In Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-winning film The Naked Gun, starring Leslie Nielsen as highly competent Police Squad Lieutenant Frank Dreben, the main baddie played by Ricardo Montalban has brainwashed all sorts of colorful characters in an attempt to assassinate the Queen of England. By the end, it turns out that Dreben’s beloved Jane (played by Priscilla Presley) has also been brainwashed to assassinate Frank and all he had to do was sweet talk her some lines from Casablanca to overpower her spell. Ain’t that a bitch?

So, to summarize my rant about real-life Inception:

  • Reading people’s “thoughts” is very real; However, it’s only useful if it matches something on the reader’s end: translated and interpreted for whatever evil they’re up to
  • It’s read-only; No one can put a thought into your head unless you were already thinking it
  • A thought alone does not mean that it will lead to action; Again, unless the person was already willing and capable of carrying out their thought.
  • Don’t be a pawn of the CIA. Just because they fund Nolan’s movies don’t make them the shit. I’d be sitting high, too, if I funded my own movies inflating my own ego. And I would be able to time travel and space jump and have lazer cats riding DeLoreans.

Ways to combat “mind-invasion”:

There really isn’t much you can do. The people with the money, the ones who built the technology will fight tooth and nail to protect their weapon. What are you, as little people, going to do about it? You think a foil hat will block it out? You just go about your day with all your dirty thoughts and if you ever find the CIA or whatever law enforcement trying to use your own thoughts against you, then you fuck with them a little too.

You know odds are the people who invented this type of technology have something against the blacks, Jews, or gays. So your first exercise is to create a mental firewall with two huge black dudes, circumcised and wearing those funny little Jewish caps, banging each other hard in the ass. Envision their sweaty nutsacks slapping hard over and over against the other dudes muscular buttocks. The whole time they’re uttering “Heil, Hitler!”

If they can covet that imagery so bad after interpreting it and deciphering it, it makes one wonder whether that is something that was actually on their minds to begin with. That they had to take that much effort to find it.

Think of these “mind invaders” as human. They don’t trust you enough that they outright rape your mind. And it’s no excuse for them to say that what you’re thinking doesn’t match what you speak. They shouldn’t have crossed that line to begin with.

So the best way is to go about your business and continue doing what you’re already doing. Just be aware that they’re already monitoring your thoughts. And that they can’t do much with the information. And that anyone who goes that far really has some kind of personal vendetta against you. In that sense, you already have the upper hand.

There’s more to life than being afraid of everything and what you don’t know. Mindjacking someone isn’t going to cure your fear of them for you. Who’s really in power?

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