Rehab Is Going To Be Pain

By Chongchen Saelee

I went through this before after the first surgery to remove my right wrist bone tumor. But that one wasn’t an expected life experience (and who would want it?). But then the bone tumor returned, and I just had a second surgery nearly 2 months ago. And that means I need to prep myself for physical rehab again.

I took the bandage and splint off today to clean my forearm. The palm of my hands had started to crackle from the accumulation of dead skin cells. Overall, it wasn’t very ripe because I kept my forearm dried for the past few weeks after the stitches were removed.

Right Wrist Bone Tumor Incision A

Right Wrist Bone Tumor Incision A

The first incision from the original surgery was reopened because my surgeon wasn’t able to access that corner of the remaining tumor.

Right Wrist Bone Tumor Incision B

Right Wrist Bone Tumor Incision B

The second incision was my under forearm into the bottom of my palm.

So the incisions look like they’re closing up. There still is pain in my wrist and my thumb joints rubbing against it. But it’s nothing new.

First thing I have to do is stretch out my scarring ligaments, my thumb, and my wrist again. Aside from feeling those incisions break like severe paper cuts, most of my physical rehab is getting my wrist ready for day to day usage again. That means, eventually, I even need to test lifting weights heavier than a pound. I just don’t want to risk any kind of nerve damage or weakening of the bone structure until I know it has recovered strong enough to try to re-strengthen it.

Anyway, that’s my life. Rehab at home. Because I don’t have insurance, so I can’t cover physical therapy. But it’s all the same anyway. The difference is having someone tell you what to do as opposed to you exercising it back to full health yourself.

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