Saelee Deus Ex Machine (SDXM): A 2D Game Engine Features List

I’m getting a steady 33 frames per second and have tested on Windows XP, Vista, and 7! If you have Vista or Windows 7, you’ll be good to go. If you have Windows XP or previous versions of Windows, you might have to get the .Net Framework to run my application. Anyway, here’s a list of features I’m planning on implementing.

Saelee Deus Ex Machine Features

Each item will be denoted as either “Done”, “Functioning”, or “Planned”. Done means there isn’t any likelihood I will continue developing that aspect. Functioning means that certain aspect has been tested enough to be suitable for presentation but still in continual development. Planned means I have an idea how to implement it but haven’t started development on it.

  • FUNCTIONING – Animated sprites
  • FUNCTIONING – Environment Collision detection
  • FUNCTIONING – Background scrolling
  • FUNCTIONING – Moving sprites, including jumping with proper trajectory
  • FUNCTIONING – User-controlled sprites (keyboard); automated moving sprites
  • PLANNED – Project editor to create and export self-executable games (for Windows only)
  • PLANNED – Graphics/animation editor to create and export most optimized and native graphics for game engine only
  • PLANNED – Media playback: video/audio
  • PLANNED – Pseudo-3D or isometric graphics
  • PLANNED – Special effects: particles system, lighting, etc…

Got any suggestions, comments, let me know in the comments. Or visit for more information.

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