Solution: Firefox 22 Automatically Scales Web Page

You may have noticed that with the latest version of Firefox, version 22, that it automatically scales web pages to fit as much of the browser as possible. This is due to Mozilla implementing support for native dpi, but sometimes it’s not desireable. To change it back to “normal”:

  1. Open Firefox 22 or later.
  2. Type into the URL about:config
  3. There may be a warning, bypass it.
  4. Search for layout.css.devPixelsPerPx
  5. By default, it is set to -1.
  6. Double-click on this entry and change the value to 1.

Not only will it look like how it will look on other browsers, there is also significant increase in drawing performance because it doesn’t have to do additional math to scale it up.

I hope this helps!

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