Spider-Mans No Way Home Review

Hollywood has struggled to pump out their movies for profit during these pandemic times. Sure, blame it on the pandemic and not the shitty movies no one wants to pay to watch. LOL. Even powerhouse movie franchise like these Spider-Man movies had to do a bunch of reshoots and re-releases in an attempt to recoup losses. So here’s Sony’s final (hopefully) attempt to re-release yet another cut of Spider-Man No Way Home, the third film in the third modern Spider-Man movie series in the past 20 years.

Ticket pre-sales for No Way Home seem to prove loyal fans want to see it. Most of the online ticket websites had crashed because of the overwhelming rush of buyers. Well, now you can look up pre-sold seats at your local movie theater’s website, if they have it, and it does seem to be mostly packed or sold-out screenings come premiere weekend. So if you want to experience the excitement and promise of an amazing Spider-Man movie, now is the time to jump on the hype train.

Tom Holland stars as the latest Spider-Man in No Way Home. He’s been the freshest and youngest depiction of Marvel’s most popular comic book superhero across several Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films already. Finally, in No Way Home, the focus is back solely on his own story. In this one, Spidey has to face the consequences of tampering with universe and multiverse altering spells he requested from his Sorcerer Supreme buddy Dr. Strange.

At the cost of “resetting” all the negative side effects of Spidey’s adventures, Dr. Strange’s spell opens up unintended portals the the multiverse, parallel dimensions, allowing villains from other Spider-Man film franchises to enter into this new world.

Now these villains have banded together to destroy every incarnation of Spider-Man, no matter what universe he’s from. Because in other parallel dimensions, Spider-Man has always defeated his villains. So these villains are taking it personal. This isn’t like Jet Li’s “The One” where each time a villain dies, another version of them gets more powerful though. It’s just more a poignant aspect to watching a version of yourself lose over and over again that might drive you.

So Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, and Lizard show up. It’s not quite The Sinister Six, but Spidey has more than enough trouble to deal with. So the gimmick requires two other Spider-Mans from the past Spider-Man film series to show up to aid our young clueless Spidey. And it’s something to behold.

This Peter Parker is fresh out of high school with hopes of finding a suitable college. But his life keeps getting interrupted because of all the superhero adventures he’s been having, going to space, fighting aliens, getting zapped into dust. He just wants to make things right and live a normal life.

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