“Superman Vs. Batman” is Official Title of Sequel to “Man of Steel”

By Chongchen Saelee

From here on out, I will be referring to “Batman Vs Superman” as “Superman Vs Batman”, which I’m confident is the official title. Before, it was just important that “Batman” was mentioned in the title, and obviously that’s going to draw in a huge market. But there is a logic to having Superman billed first in the title because it is his franchise after all. And Affleck is going to get his own Batman franchise anyway.

So, here’s what we know:

-“Justice League” is confirmed to be the “third” sequel in the Man of Steel trilogy of films with Zack Snyder returning to direct (or it’s being shot back to back with “Superman vs Batman”)
-Ray Fisher is playing Cyborg, a minor role
-Jason Momoa confirmed to be cast, but don’t know what role
-Dwayne Johnson confirmed to be cast, but don’t know role
-Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor
-Ben Affleck is Batman
-Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman
-Henry Cavill is Superman

Plotwise, we still don’t know anything. However, there are hints that Snyder may be using Mark Millar’s early pitch script where the goliaths of the universe battle to the point they blow up Earth. So “Doomsday” might be the villain in part 3. And when they mean Doomsday, they mean Doomsday, there is not saving Earth. Or we might even see Lex Luthor suited up trying to save mankind much like in the video games and comic books. Who knows?

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