Superman Vs Batman Official Plot Synopsis

By Chongchen Saelee

I think Superman dies in “Superman vs. Batman”. It’s much like “Empire Strikes Back” when Han gets frozen in carbonite. They’d want to leave SVB open-ended with a cliffhanger. Otherwise you won’t watch the last movie in their franchise. So this is how it will play out…

Because the filmmakers want to make their mark with the franchise, they’re going to want to top the last best incarnation of superhero movies. That means all out war, the end of the world destruction.

Justice League is formed to fight Superman initially, but Doomsday or whatever character placeholder they choose will kill Superman. It then makes the Justice League have to regroup and reorganize because now they’re leader-less. We will learn that Lex Luthor is the actual villain by the end of SVB.

That means that Wonder Woman or Batman will become the new adjunct leader of the Justice League into part 3. Superman, of course, makes a Christ-like heroic ressurrection in the last movie to save them all, but in the process destroys the Earth.

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