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Jul 26, 2014
Need For Asian Superheroes

By Chongchen Saelee

This article by Jeff Yang kinda gets it half-way. We don’t need Asian Superheroes for EVERYONE, just for those who consume superhero culture.

It turns out, America did have a superhero called The Green Turtle back in 1940s, but because of anti-Chinese stuff in the day, was never allowed to reveal his identity.

Unfortunately, it just seems like they’re digging through the dumpster to validate themselves here. The Green Turtle might as well be played by Dana Carvey in yellowface. It’s such an old characterization. No modern Asian American can relate to it. As a piece of history, maybe it’s worth noting, but it definitely isn’t relevant anymore.

My own Asian superhero, Agent S, which debut in my alma mater student newspaper UW-Green Bay The Fourth Estate, is set in the present. I combined all the popular American superheroes to date into the archetype. And I also infused it with highly political charged imagery to leave the door open for interpretation and growth. And I’d also set my character in the real world, where Superman, Batman, and James Bond are indeed fictional, and wannabes are lunging off rooftops thinking those characters are real. That’s how I would do my hero justice.

In summary, only those who feel they need Asian superheroes should get them. And if no one gives them that validation, do what I did, come up with your own. That’s the only way they can truly be bulletproof.

Jul 18, 2014
Agent S live action test
Agent S live action mock up

Agent S live action mock up

I suppose, if I don’t do a mockup, I won’t see what it could possibly look like. Back when I first created the Agent S character, I was basing it on Trigun among other popular anime at the time, and they were all wearing leather. Now it’s all metallic armor, or like the live-action CG Iron Man. The goal is to come up with the newest gimmick that everyone, yes even Jim Lee can’t resist but to knock off.

Jun 30, 2014
UW Green Bay Lecture About Race in Superhero Media

It was strange that the talk was done through American Intercultural Center (if I’m not mistaken). Overall, it seems as though the audience wasn’t too sophisticated about comic book or mass media culture. They seemed uninterested or a little distant. That might be a genuine problem because it implies the audience members are truly marginalized and not consuming mainstream media. You can pick that up during the Q&A session where they ask questions about racial progress in the depictions in the media as if they didn’t have any control over it. It’s as simple as sitting down and drawing yourself into a superhero and publishing it, but it doesn’t seem they know that.

Anyway, as I’ve joked before, it looks like my run at UW-Green Bay via my Pen Tonic comic strip featuring Agent S as its first Asian superhero made an impact. And anyone who has those actual printed issues of The Fourth Estate are going to have somekind of keepsake increase in value.

Don’t worry, dear fans (not that many), Agent S will return.

Dec 24, 2013
Pen Tonic Comics: Agent S – Dec. 24, 2013
Pen Tonic Comics: Agent S - Dec. 24, 2013

Pen Tonic Comics: Agent S – Dec. 24, 2013

Might use GIMP exclusively to draw comics now. Tried to use some existing brushes off the Internet but Photoshop just can’t get the comic book ink look down. Pen Tonic Comics might return. Heck, I might as well finally sit down and finish Agent S.

Nov 26, 2013
New Agent S and Agent Blue Digital Drawings
Agent Blue Attacks!

Agent Blue Attacks!

Agent S power grip

Agent S power grip

Jul 11, 2013
Encounter with the Supermen: An Agent S Short Story

Blending real-life fiction into fiction. That is the way of a social satirist. Here he comes! (more…)

Jul 9, 2013
Agent S: The Big Brawl – New Concept Art!

It’s looking all Marvels-like. Holla! (more…)

Dec 9, 2012
The Blue Man: An Agent S Short Story

No one knew who the blue man was, but his eyes were as dead as they were sharp, a pair of blue stars floating in the high grass. (more…)

Aug 29, 2012
How to Draw Agent Blue

Why do the villains have to look cooler than the hero? (more…)

Aug 28, 2012
How To Draw America’s First True Asian American Superhero Agent S

I draw like a teenager, but it’s my refined style. (more…)