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Jan 3, 2014
HTML5 Canvas Performance Cross-Browser Comparisons

By Chongchen Saelee

Rendering 32×32 bitmapped image with 2D to real 3D to 2D projection tranformation to fit 320×240 (100%) HTML5 canvas with translation, scaling, and other composited images:

  • Chrome v.31x = 62fps
  • Firefox v.26 = 60fps
  • IE v.9.0.8x = 45fps

BUT, when using browser’s built-in zoom to 200% (640×480):

  • Chrome v.31x = 60fps
  • Firefox v.26 = 15fps
  • IE v.9.0.8x = 45fps

So obviously, Chrome is champ when it comes to utilizing your hardware acceleration techniques. Firefox, however, failed in the zoomability corner. What a shame.

Aug 7, 2013
SDXM Qt 2D Game Engine Image Distortion + 3000 sprites + Other Features Demo

Another step forward for SDXM, my 2D game engine being built with Qt and c++. There is now functioning, gimmicky image distortion, and so far the effects are: water, spiral, and pixelate (more coming). You can observe the background in this video. Possible usage is for underwater levels where the effect can be applied to the frame buffer, transitions between stages, or other fancy 2D gimmicks. (more…)