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Sep 7, 2014
Margot Robbie as Motoko Kusanagi in Live Action Version of Ghost in the Shell

Say what??? There’s some hubbub about Hollywood casting white people in this popular manga and anime “Ghost in the Shell”. They want to cast Margot Robbie (of “Wolf of Wall Street” fame) as Motoko. What say you?

Jul 26, 2014
RealStyle Casting Looking For Asian Men Ages 25 and older

Here’s the recent update I got from Michigan-based casting agency Real Style:

We are looking for extras that are Asian men, ages 25+, 5’8″ and taller for filming in the upcoming week.

They would need to be available for filing on July 28, 29, and July 30 for our current project. Extras are paid $8 an hour and overtime after 8 hours, guaranteed 8 hours, with a catered meal.

Must be a US citizen or legally able to work in the US.

Filming days can last up to 14 hours. report times can be very very early in the morning.

If you know someone who meets this description, please direct them to our website
Look for talent sign up on the top of the home page. There is no fee to be considered for our current project.

Once registered, email us at, subject: Asian Male

Feel free to share this with friends and family.

Please include name and cell in the body of the email.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

So if you’re an aspiring or established Asian male actor, they looking for you. Whether or not it’s in Batman V Superman (codenamed Sage and Milo), that I don’t know.

Jun 22, 2014
Real Style Talent Agency Out Of Michigan

Real Style Talent Agency

I got another e-mail update from Real Style today, saying they had a typo earlier about their military/law enforcement scenes. They had sent out earlier that the shoot was suppose to be June 24, but now it is June 27. They are still looking for extras to play these types: military, law enforcement, EMT, etc.

I figured, what the hell, and put my voucher in. They’ll show my updated pics to Zack Snyder and I just want to get an email saying I was booked to fuck with them. Even though, yes, I am technically available, I just don’t want to drive up there to Michigan. They are paying $8/hour for up to 12 hour shoots. That’s legit, but I don’t care enough to be in a stinking Batman v Superman film. Besides, I was initially excited about that original Transformers 4 casting but now we know what the final product looks like. So…

Anyway, Zack Snyder can consider me for the role of Robin. Just a cameo though. You have my agent’s number, don’t you? Schmooze.

Asian Actor Cast As Robin in 'Batman V Superman'

Asian Actor Cast As Robin in ‘Batman V Superman’

Asian Actor Cast As Robin in 'Batman V Superman'

Asian Actor Cast As Robin in ‘Batman V Superman’

Asian Actor Cast As Robin in 'Batman V Superman'

Asian Actor Cast As Robin in ‘Batman V Superman’

And I updated my profile on their site, too, because I gained my weight back and grew out my facial hair and mop of hair. So maybe I can play a wicked hacker, druggie, or bum or Robin. Who knows?

Apr 20, 2014
Batman Vs Superman Costumes To Be Revealed in May 2014

By Chongchen Saelee

I have it within good authority that the official timetable release date of the new “Batman vs Superman” costume designs will be released in May. If you’ve applied to be an extra through RealTalent Casting in Michigan, then you’ve probably received email updates from them looking for people to film from May 2014 to Dec 2014. And there’s only one major film project in Michigan right now and it’s the Batman vs Superman film.

So there you have it. Ben Affleck is filming his Bruce Wayne shots in Michigan as we speak. But the actual costumed fight scenes can be filmed last minute (or let’s get real, be all computer generated) so they can design the costumes for maximum “epicness”. I highly doubt there is a “final” suit like Zack Snyder has been throwing out there. It would have just been the same Christian Bale suit but with a yellow bat ensignia. Hollywood is cheap like that, no creativity. Kevin Smith and Zack Snyder are in the business of selling bullshit after all.

So I’m sure the official new designs for all three characters Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman will be in May 2014. Guaranteed.

Mar 23, 2014
How I Would Adapt Jonny Quest for Live Action Film

By Chongchen Saelee

Everyone who grew up on some incarnation of Jonny Quest loves the appeal of being the bad-ass boy of the hour. You don’t want to be Robin because he just can’t outweigh Batman as the sidekick. Jonny Quest, however, although technically still the sidekick to his scientist father and Rick Bannon, is actually the main focus and star of his own show. If you’re a young kid watching this, you don’t feel left out.

And I’m sure Hollywood knows this is a good property to adapt for live-action. They’ve tried it. At one point, “High School Musical” star Zak Efron was attached to play Jonny Quest, but then he became a man, so no more of that.

If Jonny Quest is just James Bond, Jr., I say do it like a Bond movie then. Very serious tone. No dumbing it down for kids like Roberto Rodriguez would do (even though his Spy Kids franchise is relatively successful). (more…)