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Jun 21, 2014
Eastfist on Yahoo! News

Where was this when I needed the views?

Jul 23, 2012
The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review (In-Depth Analysis)

Was it the sequel we deserved and the one we need right now? (more…)

Jun 29, 2012
Dark Knight Rises Bane Fan Art

Can’t lose my YouTube street cred. Need to half-ass it a little more… three-quarters-ass it. (more…)

Jun 3, 2012
John Blake Is New Batman Dark Knight Rises

Holy. Rusted. Metal. Batman. Could it be? (more…)

May 13, 2012
Batman in U.S. Film is Unstoppable Propaganda

Holy, Batman! You’ve become a godless god! (more…)

Dec 24, 2011
Dark Knight Rises Major Spoilers and Speculation from Full Trailer

And here we go. (more…)

Nov 27, 2011
Dark Knight Rises: Bane Vs. Batman Epic Fight

Bane’s catchphrase: “Cobra! Cobraaaaa! Cobra!” (more…)

Nov 3, 2011
Pen Tonic Comics: The Dark Knight Rises (Because He’s High)

Doooooooood. (more…)

Jul 27, 2011
Pen Tonic Comics: British Villain/American Hero Manners

“Pardon me, Batman…” (more…)

Jul 27, 2011
Pen Tonic Comics: The Real Batman/Alfred Dynamic

“Aaaaalllllllfred! Aaaaalllllllfred! Allllllfrred!” (more…)