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Sep 29, 2016
My New YouTube Series: Asian Snacks + Drinks Review Series

Check it out! Hopefully I can record reviews for each of these Asian products and get a YouTube series out of it. Hope you look forward to it!

Jun 1, 2014
Grown-Ups Drink Beer

Another exercise in stupidity.

Jan 18, 2014
Honey and Tea Drink

Here I am thinking I just discovered the most amazing beverage created by God just for me: honey and tea.

But pardon my ignorance, I do a Google Search, and people be conjuring up all sorts of other drinks like orange juice and honey? Wow!

So I saunter into the kitchen like a grizzly bear foraging for food (more…)

Nov 23, 2013
Eastfist Drinks Mystery Alcohol in a Bottle

Dec 6, 2012
Every Celebrity Needs A Strange Quirk

Whether a celebrity is a black dude with blonde hair, gangster rapper that eats cookies and drinks tea, action hero that collects tea cups, every celebrity needs a strange quirk to make them more special than they actually are. (more…)

Jun 12, 2012
Alternatives to Big Brand Name Soft Drinks

Faaaaaaaaaygo! Me say Faaaaaaygo! (more…)