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Jul 11, 2014
FBI facial recognition software not as good as Facebook

By Chongchen Saelee

According to this article, FBI can match faces at 85% accuracy. Facebook, on the other hand, can do it at 97%. But let me paint a picture why that is. The fact that FBI can be that accurate is still quite impressive, but the reason Facebook’s is way better is because of their funding, the lifeblood of Facebook is CIA. FBI is like the police. They only enforce laws. CIA, however, don’t follow any laws and that’s why they seem to be more innovative, at the cost of invading billions of people’s privacy. CIA creates the weapons and tools, FBI uses them. CIA is Whistler, FBI is Blade. It’s a need-to-know basis.

The impressive thing will be which one’s algorithm can pick out a face from low-resolution images. Facebook has the advantage only because the samples are high-resolution. But FBI’s might have the edge and is more useful because it can detect faces from low-resolution. So, it’s a matter of what purpose it’s used for. One is actually smarter than the other. If FBI’s facial software can detect a face out of finite amount of pixels that don’t resemble a face, then I’d say FBI’s software is actually better.

Jun 21, 2014
Facebook Video Rant About Black Ignorance and Denial Goes Viral

Everything the woman says is true. But it doesn’t just apply to blacks. It applies to all who don’t except responsibility for their own ignorance.

Everything in life you must EARN.

Pay close attention to the part about black rappers, the good ones, actually being incredibly educated, otherwise how would they know how to write such awesome metaphors and lyrics? Yet, every other inbred wannabe thinks they have the same skill and you can see them on YouTube.

Moral of the story: you aren’t all that unless you’re really all that. When you’re really all that, you won’t even have to try. You won’t even have to impress anyone.

Mar 4, 2013
Facebook will fail like social network sites before it

It’s just a matter of time. Not surprising. Not sudden. It’s the way it goes. (more…)

Jun 1, 2012
Making Money through Stock Market

What’s the purpose of currency? (more…)

Aug 21, 2011
Fixing lens distortion of self-portraits using Photoshop Spherize filter

I got a big head, but it’s not THAT big! (more…)