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Feb 28, 2014
JCVD vs. Eastfist: Big Bad Bully

The official submission for the Funny or Die contest.

Feb 28, 2014
Jean Claude Van Damme vs Eastfist!!!

Jun 30, 2013
Fun With Green Screen – Three New Videos!

It’s getting easier to key out a green screen with Adobe After Effects CS5, well-worth the investment! See what kind of shenanigans I’ve put to the test. (more…)

Apr 29, 2013
Needed Equipment for Photo Project (Sponsored Post)



By Vanessa Bennet

Sometimes I feel like just getting away, like going on an unending vacation. It’s a way of escaping from life’s trivialities, of getting more out of our limited time, and not being locked down in some dead end job that I hate and don’t want to spend any more seconds at.

I hate getting bogged down with these thoughts, mostly because I know I really can’t do that and I have to come up with a different solution to escape life’s doldrums. Well, one thought I had was just to take pictures of myself in front of (more…)