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Sep 1, 2014
Dude Makes Homeade Exoskeleton Suit

The dude can lift up to 170 some pounds “easily” but as I watch him do it, I noticed that it would be physically impossible if he didn’t already have the legs to support the weight. It’s all physics. He mentions this at the end of the video that he wouldn’t be able to lift 300 pounds. That defeats the purpose of an exosuit. You shouldn’t require your own effort. The Japanese and DARPA already have one that look like a folded out toilet but that one looks too clunky and slow. Cool effort though. No real reason anyone should ever need one in day to day life.

Jan 28, 2013
I Hate Shoveling Snow

Winter time in Wisconsin gives you the changing of the seasons at its most extreme. Come the snow, the tundra is looking beautiful, but cold and a pain to maintain, and one of the most arduous chores of living with snow is shoveling it. (more…)