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Jul 18, 2014
Agent S live action test
Agent S live action mock up

Agent S live action mock up

I suppose, if I don’t do a mockup, I won’t see what it could possibly look like. Back when I first created the Agent S character, I was basing it on Trigun among other popular anime at the time, and they were all wearing leather. Now it’s all metallic armor, or like the live-action CG Iron Man. The goal is to come up with the newest gimmick that everyone, yes even Jim Lee can’t resist but to knock off.

Mar 23, 2014
How I Would Adapt Jonny Quest for Live Action Film

By Chongchen Saelee

Everyone who grew up on some incarnation of Jonny Quest loves the appeal of being the bad-ass boy of the hour. You don’t want to be Robin because he just can’t outweigh Batman as the sidekick. Jonny Quest, however, although technically still the sidekick to his scientist father and Rick Bannon, is actually the main focus and star of his own show. If you’re a young kid watching this, you don’t feel left out.

And I’m sure Hollywood knows this is a good property to adapt for live-action. They’ve tried it. At one point, “High School Musical” star Zak Efron was attached to play Jonny Quest, but then he became a man, so no more of that.

If Jonny Quest is just James Bond, Jr., I say do it like a Bond movie then. Very serious tone. No dumbing it down for kids like Roberto Rodriguez would do (even though his Spy Kids franchise is relatively successful). (more…)

Aug 23, 2010
Akira live adaptation film and localization

Feb. 14, 2010In latest movie rumors making its round in the Internet, James Franco is apparently in talks to play Kaneda. Wuzzah? (more…)