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Sep 13, 2014 Full Color Comic Book Proof Review

Aug 15, 2014
Jackpot Bloom color flat test
Jackpot Bloom color flats test

Jackpot Bloom color flats test

Seeing as how provides customers the option to print color either on value or standard or premium quality paper, it really is a matter of taste. If you don’t want to make a photo-quality book, then you can go on value paper, which would resemble a comic book the most. Otherwise, you’d have a really heavy book if all the pages were coated and photo quality. Therefore, I’m currently experimenting with colors and half-toning it so that the printer will print LESS ink onto the page and hopefully reducing any warping on their value line of paper. Of course, I haven’t ordered a color value proof yet, so I really don’t know what it’ll look like. I just know that if you order the standard paper line with color, the pages are going to be coated and heavier, much like a photo. And my comic book art isn’t that painterly. So we’ll see.