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Jan 26, 2014
Batman vs Superman Speed Drawing

Batman vs Superman Speed Painting

Batman vs Superman Speed Painting

Jan 24, 2014

Dec 12, 2013
Sriracha and Other Asian Cooking Sauces

Dec 12, 2013
The Truth About Sriracha

The Truth About Sriracha
By Chongchen Saelee

If you’ve grown up in America in even the most semi of Asian culture, you might be familiar with Huy Fong Foods brand of sriracha, otherwise now synonymously known as “Sriracha” with a capital S in ‘murica. Much like how Americans only fell in love with Chinese wire-fu with Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, there seems to be a late to the train game going on. But mostly, this chili sauce is catching on because it has become known as the hipster ketchup. And ketchup has a stigma for being cheap and junk food (sugar, vinegar, and red dye, no tomatoes whatsoever). These modern hipsters are putting it on EVERYTHING. But real Asians were just using it in pho. (more…)

Nov 9, 2013
Post-coital Depression

By Chongchen Saelee

I’m single and I have one-night stands. And tonight got me depressed. (more…)

Jun 14, 2013
Man of Steel Review

Ha! Just got back from Midnight Premiere screening of Man of Steel. This time, this is the real review. No joke. (more…)

Jun 1, 2013
Man of Steel Review (Warning Major Spoilers Ahead)

Fuck the embargo! I’m too excited. This is the second coming of the savior. (more…)

Apr 9, 2013
Qt Real 3D Rotation Transformation Mode 7 F-Zero + No OpenGL + No DirectX

Oh, it only took years of research and learning… but here it be, the fruits of my labor… (more…)

Feb 28, 2013
Google Glass 720p Demo DIY Prototype

Why pay $1500 when you can build your own clunky one for less than $100?

Jan 5, 2013
Time-traveling on the Shoulders of Whales

I present to you an idea about evolution and time-travel. (more…)