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Jun 2, 2014
NRA Says Something Responsible About Gun Nuts For a Change

Well, well, well. For the most part in Pop Culture, NRA is pro-gun and pro-shoot-everything. But today, in the shadow of Elliot Rodger shooting spree, NRA actually says something that makes sense. In summary, most gun nuts took NRA chieftan Wayne LaPierre’s quote, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” as literal. And so LaPierre had to clarify himself. He later said that it isn’t practical to live in a world that is like a war zone, where you walk into a restaurant to get a cup of coffee with an assault rifle slung over your chest. We don’t live in a third world country. And if all patrons of that coffee shop had guns on them, it just makes our culture and society look bad. The odds of any of these gun violence happening is rare. He’s telling gun nuts to take it down a notch and not be so paranoid.

Bravo NRA. Bravo.

You need to be of sound mind to use a gun, a modern-day samurai, someone whose mind is really clear.

Imagine, if these were feudal days, how practical it would be to walk around with swords. Do you bite your thumb at me, sir! DO YOU BITE YOUR THUMB AT ME!!! Yup, not practical.

Oct 9, 2010
Living up to Stereotypes: Midwestern Deer Hunting Culture

Undoubtedly, one of Wisconsin’s most beloved sports is deer hunting (or outdoor gaming, in general). It would be unavoidable for me as my parents are passionate about the game, having come from similar history back in Laos. Watching from the ignorant first-generation Asian-American’s point of view, it’s kind of poignant that this culture will be lost. If you were as clueless about where processed bologna came from, here’s a clue: (more…)