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Jul 20, 2014
Wonder Woman Sketch Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice
Wonder Woman Sketch

Wonder Woman Sketch

Jul 11, 2014
Official Design for Doomsday in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Doomsday is a subterrain creature from deep in Krypton’s core. So his bones and blood is pure Kryptonite. It glows from white to green when he gets angry. Much like an elephant would kill a human, Kal-el really can’t stop Doomsday, not even on Krypton. It’s all relative.

Jul 4, 2014
Blender 2.71 New Feature Freestyle NPR Rendering

Blender 2.71 Freestyle NPR Rendering

If I read their update correctly, my reading comprehension was never that good, then Blender now has the ability to render out a 3D model into a convincing looking hand-drawn sketch. That doesn’t make sense to me. You’d have to model out the entire object before you get output that is a bunch of simple strokes.

The problem I have with it is that is should be the other way around. Much like ZBrush makes sculpting digital 3D models almost too intuitively, 3D modeling can be even easier if you could translate a line drawing into a fully 3D realized object.

So, that is the next challenge to master, Blender! I dare you!

Apr 23, 2014
Batman Is Only Human Like Early John McClane
Batman as Every Man

Batman as Every Man

Batman should be more human, much like the first John McClane. He will progressively break down throughout the fight, which is very human, unlike a super alien who is invincible.

Oct 22, 2012
Late-night sketch time: Demon Beast

It’s nearing Halloween, time to draw something creepy. (more…)

Jun 29, 2012
Dark Knight Rises Bane Fan Art

Can’t lose my YouTube street cred. Need to half-ass it a little more… three-quarters-ass it. (more…)