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Jan 14, 2024
Jan 2024 Heavy Snow Blizzard

Some HD video of heavy snowfall/blizzard here in Green Bay, WI from Jan 9, 2024 and Jan 12, 2024. Shot with Nikon D3200. Full resolution 24 megapixel images just for you to brag how sharp my telephoto lens is.

Jan 24, 2014
Superhero Cam: Scraping Ice and Brushing Snow Off Car

Feb 7, 2013
How to Clean Snow Off Your Car or Prepare Your Car For Driving in Snow

If you’ve never lived in snow, but you love driving, well, don’t expect to cruise-control your way on icy roads. The thrill you get from “popping the hood down” with some bikini babes and having wind blow your hair is definitely not an option for you here. (more…)

Jan 28, 2013
I Hate Shoveling Snow

Winter time in Wisconsin gives you the changing of the seasons at its most extreme. Come the snow, the tundra is looking beautiful, but cold and a pain to maintain, and one of the most arduous chores of living with snow is shoveling it. (more…)