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Apr 15, 2021
Using Now Patent-Free MP3 Audio Format For Your Indie Games

Originally published on December 12, 2020

I’m super late posting this, as the news happened THREE YEARS AGO and the media didn’t spread the word. Anyway, as of 2017, the MP3 audio format is now patent-free. It doesn’t mean that you can now pirate all the commercial songs you want. What it actually means is now that the audio format is patent-free, you can implement an MP3 encoder/decoder into your game engine! That’s sweet! (more…)

Dec 11, 2018
Aquaman 2018 Film Theme Soundtrack Lyrics (Warning Spoilers)



Aquaman 2018 Film Theme Soundtrack Lyrics (Warning Spoilers)

Copyright © Chonkey Zimmern and Henry Gossitt Werner

Deep in the blue beyond
An epic war rages on
Searching for the ultimate peacekeeper
To bridge the great divide

They call him
Aqua-Man (Aqua) (Aqua) (Aqua)


in yellow
and one mean badass
in green

He’s AQUA-MAN!!! (Aqua) (Aqua) (Aqua)


He’s the son of the ultimate underwater queen
and some schlub who drinks booze
and jerks off in a lighthouse at night
when it gets really cooooold

Aug 13, 2014
Robin Williams The Funny Man The Sad Clown

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” By Bobby McFerrin, featuring Robin Williams in music video

Everyone seemed to love this man. He had a prolific media career. Multi-generational.

The reason for this particular post has to do with taking the burden of keeping everyone happy on your shoulders. Who is really the brave one? Who is the coward?

In life, imagine there are a lot of losers and very, very few real winners. Imagine the load on one’s shoulders who has to keep everyone going, keep them happy, keep them sane. You’d have to use so much reverse-psychology just so they think they are actually winning in life.

So the question I present is:

Would you lose in life to give someone you cared a sliver of hope of winning?

Everyone’s miserable and sad, and the guy that makes you happy you won’t let find his happiness. Or when he needs to be sad, you won’t let be sad, because you want him to be happy to keep you happy. It’s kinda greedy, isn’t it?

So would you lose?