The Flash: A Body Horror Time Travel Crime Thriller (Fan Fiction)

Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

The Screaming Horror Flash

The Flash: A Body Horror Time Travel Crime Thriller (Fan Fiction)
By Chongchen Saelee

My idea for how to do The Flash for the big screen. It would be a mix between Hellraiser, The Time Machine, and Altered States.

The basic premise is that Barry Allen is a crime scene investigator who can’t get over the death of his wife having found her skinned when he shows up by chance at a crime scene. So he makes a deal with The Devil in an attempt to bring his wife back to life. Of course, shit goes to hell when he’s working in the lab and is struck by red lightning, the building burns down, and his body disappears. Everyone assumes he’s dead.

But what happens is he’s actually given the power to time travel as The Flash. He’s not actually running, but in an abstract state. He’s traveling through The Time Force as a “red blur”. He goes back in time and saves his wife from being killed, but in classic Time Machine fashion, she gets killed another way, even more gruesome. He does this over and over and over and she dies more gruesome ways. Think “Final Destination”.

Eventually Barry gives up and pleads The Devil to take back his “power”. Of course, it’s a curse. So Barry has to relive his wife getting killed over and over and over. Since he cannot control how fast he goes, he can control WHERE he goes. So in order to escape the misery, he travels through time and learns about the universe and The Time Force. He learns that history has always been about life and death, but particularly death.

Barry learns that if he can’t save his wife from death, then maybe he can save others. He learns people who die in the past or future are meant to die over and over again. It’s a profound realization. He eventually learns about his own death… he cannot die anymore. As The Flash, he’s now immortal. His curse is that he can now only witness death throughout time.

The Flash Body Horror

So eventually Barry Allen just keeps running and running and running until his body explodes, his flesh rips off his body, and he just becomes a literal red blur running through mind-tripping Time Force with imagery of history of death. And eventually The Flash just resembles a skull with a full red blur of light for a body running through “time”. He is now a symbol of “death”. His entire life and fascination with death and crime scenes have led him to his fate as a witness to an eternity of death.

It plays out like a Tales From the Crypt episode in my mind. LOL.

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