Upgrade Nikon D3200 to Nikon D5300

By Chongchen Saelee

Man, Nikon, why??? Whyyyyyyyyyy???

At the time I was shopping around for my first DSLR, I wanted to get the Nikon D5100 because it had a swivel LCD screen. Well, years later, and having purchased the D3200 instead because that’s all I could afford at the time, I feel it’s time for a little upgrade, but alas, it’s not in my budget.

What I like about the Nikon D5300:

-Shoots at 1080p 60fps
-24 megapixels
-No low-pass optical filter, so image capture is sharper
-Price is reasonable (approx. USD$800 for body only at time of my post)
-Has swivel LCD screen, better resolution than D3200
-Has more autofocus points than D3200
-Comes in red (definitely more stylish, as my D3200 is also red)
-Longer battery life, more shots

What I don’t care too much about, but willing to accept about D5300:
-Built-in WIFI, might be useful for remote triggering
-Built-in GPS, which I’ve read drains battery and I don’t care to use it, I don’t travel much

What I like about Nikon D3200:
-Already own it
-Amazing 24 megapixel sensor (6016×4000 pixels)
-Comes in red
-Confirmed shoots at 7 pics per second on continuous mode (when using Class 10 card), so imagine D5300 with improved speed
-Built-in flash, satisfactory
-Affordable (approx USD$700 for kit at time I bought it)
-Light, almost like a toy; This will be important if you have heavy lenses like telephoto, which I own one

What I want added:
-All the features of Nikon D5300
-Adjusting exposure settings during Live Mode/Movie Mode
-Better microphone

So, I think replacing my D3200 may be in the future. I’ll have to trade it in to make up for some of the cost of the new D5300 body only.

What say you? Anyone out there upgraded specifically from a Nikon D3200 to a Nikon D5300? What’s your experience?

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