When is Red Nikon D3200 coming out?

Seems the black version is readily available, but after reading some posts online, camera buyers are interested in the cherry red one. So it’s been almost a month since release, when’s the next shipment coming?

UPDATE: June 20, 2012 – Here’s a listing on eBay

Apparently, there are some in the USA now. This eBay listing claims to have 3 in stock. I’d wait a bit before I jump on this, although it seems this eBay lister might be reputable, but I’d still wait.

UPDATE: As of June 16, 2012, Malaysian distributor Fotokem claims to have a limited supply in stock. I can’t personally voucher for them.

UPDATE: As of June 4, 2012, here’s the official response from Nikon representatives:

We’re already shipping the D3200 in RED. Please verify with dealers for availability.

Well, well, that put’s that to rest.

As of May 7, 2012, from Nikon’s official website forum for the D3200, the staff representative said “a few weeks”. So maybe early to mid June 2012.

I’m assuming there needs to be a big enough demand for Nikon to have the cases painted. The cases would already be painted black by procedure (as plastic is clear in nature), so depending on how many orders there are for red Nikon D3200, they’ll need to repaint those. If there’s too much or too little, then that’s what stalls the shipment.

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