Whiteman’s Secrets

All is told as was foreseen by the all-knowing! The secrets, they be! Here!

1. A recent study showed that the average white man prefers a woman that:

  • Drinks beer
  • Watches football
  • Eat hotdogs
  • Burps and farts
  • Enjoys a little rough-housing/wrassling
  • Dirtbirking,off-roading
  • Fishing,hunting
  • Wears men’s uniforms, ie, football, firefighter, police, lumberjack, etc.
  • Loves guns
  • Likes video games

If I didn’t know any better, he’s just described another white man. But with a vagina. And preferably big boobs.

2. As a last resort to survive, the family dog don’t get eaten before his cannibalizes his own family members; the idea being that the dog protects the whiteman against even his own family turning on him to until his last breath. The dog volunteers his own body for the survival of his master. Which leads to

3. Whiteman talks to animals. Or rather, whiteman has his family thinking animals can talk. That’s some mind-tripping stuff he’s feeding his family isn’t it?

4. Whiteman thinks he’s an animal, or envies the savage and primal nature of top wild beasts and predators. Favorites include the bald eagle, great white shark, polar bear, dragon, lion.

5. Whiteman’s law only serve whiteman. No ifs, ands, or buts about that.

6. Whiteman has a “big dick” and EVERYONE needs to suck it. Otherwise he’ll go into a psychotic episode and kill everyone at the shopping mall.

7. Whiteman’s culture is war-like. Remnants of war still exist right at the dinner table in the shape of miniature pitchforks and daggers and other stabbing weapons.

8. Whiteman eats lots and lots of meat. Gives them lots of muscle but also lots of cancer because they…

9. also love lots of chemicals, drugs, and other artificial conconctions they think might make them into gods. They load up EVERYTHING with chemicals and drugs.

10. Whiteman invented god because they want to control and explain everything for fear of the unknown.

11. The only other thing whiteman is afraid of besides the unknown is the yellow man.


Okay, to be fair, in the following posts, I’ll write up one for yellow man and black man. See if my insights are correct. Remember, I don’t come up with these, I just recite them. That’s what happens when you’re in the margin of society with no identity. Ironic, isn’t it?

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