Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Costume Design Predictions

By Chongchen Saelee

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson recently hinted that his version of Wonder Woman might look heavily armored much like film adaptations of gladiators (and with laser guns?) But boy works in Hollywood after all, and Hollywood is creatively bankrupt, and they tend to funnel that money back into their own pockets by stealing or recycling tried-and-true ideas. What am I saying? I’m saying Wilkinson might be obligated to stick with what his higher-ups tell him to do, which is recycle old designs. Check out these possible inspirations:

Red Sonya (played by Brigette Nielsen)

Red Sonya played by Brigette Nielsen

Xena: Warrior Princess (played by Lucy Lawless)

Xena Warrior Princess played by Lucy Lawless

Xena variant armor

Sif (from Thor) played by Jaimie Alexander

Sif (from Thor) played by Jaimie Alexander

Final thought

Gal Gadot

Just imagine a hottie like Gal Gadot in a skin-tight leotard but with plastic over-vignetted armor on top and a giant 300-style cape and you’ve got Wonder Woman. Of course, she’s got to have the sword of Hephaestus on her waistband. Oh, and a laser gun. And a sparkly purple Barbie purse.

I wonder if Wonder Woman wears underwear?

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