Warning! Qt Can Damage Your Computer

Don’t get me wrong, I love Qt, but they do make the disclaimer when you download and use their software. Just note that unless you have money to burn, if you keep pushing the limits of your hardware and operating system, odds are Qt will make it all crash and burn. For example, I’ve been able to compile and run “simple” programs endlessly without a problem. But once I start experimenting with QTransform or other heavy image processing things, my harddrive goes on the fritz or memory issues or graphics card chugs. It’s just not worth it if I have to replace these hardware. Therefore, just to put it out there for the hobbyists who might be curious: DO NOT RISK HAVING TO REPLACE YOUR HARDWARE BY EXPERIMENTING WITH QTRANSFORM OR QIMAGE IF, that’s IF YOU’RE GOING TO PUSH THE SYSTEM WITH 3D PROCESSING.

Mind you, that’s only if you’re messing with 3D stuff. You can mess with QPixmap and QImage for 2D stuff, but don’t mess with QTransform or QImage when it comes to 3D. It’s just too brutal on my hardware. I think it has to do with the nature of how Qt is designed: to do everything as fast as possible. And I’m assuming that include “unsafe” methods. I recall working with DirectX a bit and that’s why Microsoft wants you to use their “safe” DirectX functions vs “unsafe”, even though unsafe methods may yield faster results.

And I’m developing on a Windows 7, Pentium i5 3.4GHz Quad Core processor, new hard drive, new RAM, the works. So just be extra careful and aware. It’s not maliciously designed, it’s like that for a reason. Machine cannot regulate itself and always needs human intervention.