Real 3D in Qt 4.8.7 Without Third Party 3D Library OpenGL/DirectX/QTransform

Here’s a demo of “real” 3D in pure Qt. It doesn’t rely on third party 3D libraries like OpenGL, DirectX, or even Qt’s own convenience class QTransform. It’s actually very simple. It uses a very simple trigonometry function for rotating a point you can get off of Wikipedia. Everything else has to be calculated manually, but it works. The geometry is accurate. But so far this is only a work-in-progress and I haven’t quite figured out the texture mapping. But the fact that the faces can have textures mapped to them, yes with QTransform, means it’s ready for Mode 7 if you just want to put up single plane “sprites” as obstacles in an F-Zero or Mario Kart-like game. But I want to have full 3D boxes or buildings or platforms.

So we’ll see. It’s all a learning process for me.